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Let us Sponsor Your Next Event

We believe in what you're doing, and we want to be part of your next competition or charity fitness event. We offer free gear for winners as well as discounts for all participants to choose free/discounted gear shipped directly from This allows athletes to choose exactly what they want in the size they want, while working a through a web site the world knows and trusts.

What we can provide you is based on the number of participants you expect to attend:

Expected Participants $30 Gift Codes 60% Discount / Order 25% Discount / Order
75-150 6 15 All
151-250 10 25 All
251-500 15 40 All
501-1000 20 50 All

As more than 90% of our product line costs less than $30, the $30 gift code can be used for free gear.   Other participants and attendees also get significant savings.  If you expect fewer than 75 participants or more than 1,000, please contact us directly and we'll be glad to work with you on alternatives.

Here's how it works:

Before your Event

  • Contact Us with details about your upcoming event.   Please include the type of event, anticipated numbers, number of winners, etc.  Note:  There are a limited number of events we can sponsor each month, so please contact us as soon as you have event details.
  • Mention the Cult as a sponsor in your marketing communications (with our logo if possible).
  • We will e-mail your our logo and other marketing materials, and mail brochures and award certificates to you.
  • If possible, please send us a list of e-mails for registered athletes at least one-week prior to the event.  (We will send each participant a note wishing them luck, and offer them our newsletter.)                              

During your Event

  • Place brochures (which include a 25% discount) in all athlete packets and somewhere where other attendees can find them.
  • Announce Cult of Fitness as a sponsor at least once.
  • Award brochures with gift codes and 40% discounts to winners.

After your Event

  • Send us a few event pictures we can display online, plus any pics you can take later of athletes wearing our gear (if possible).

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please feel free to Contact Us directly and we'll be glad to help. 

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