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Most of the times I’ve seen dramatic changes in sales over the years have been the result of effective, targeted sales training. This is not one of those times. Continue reading →
As CrossFitter's know, a partner WOD is a workout accomplished by two people. The workout is usually a series of exercises done until a certain number of reps are completed (rather than for time). Continue reading →
In my previous post I talked about key facts you should know about each client in order to build a relationship with them. Continue reading →
Growing your business ain’t rocket scientry (yeah, scientry isn’t a real word, but don’t tell me how to English, you just have to add new members faster than you lose them. Continue reading →
Whether you own a fitness facility or are on staff, you're not just in the fitness business. You're in the relationship business. Continue reading →
Let me tell you about my buddy Sparky. (Not his real name. He declined to let me use his real name, now he’s stuck with Sparky.) Sparky was one of the most talented trainers on my staff. Continue reading →
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